Zen Mafia -- "By The Sea" will take you on a Trip

Take a listen to “By The Sea” by Zen Mafia on Juss Russ Radio. EDM producers on the rise, Zen Mafia decided to drop a new soundscape for their fans recently and we’re here today to tell you all about it. The new single, “By The Sea” was placed on SoundCloud for free streaming, which has been the group’s most frequent go-to method when it comes to sharing and releasing their latest music. SoundCloud granted Zen Mafia the platform to not only release songs but also target and market their music in creative and unique ways that ultimately have helped set them apart from the pack in regards to other Producers within the same genre. Regardless of the online success, it has also been the hustle and independent grind locally in their area that has propelled their success in such a way. So moral of the story, leave no stones un-turned when your pushing your passion and never rely on one resource to be your catalyst of mobility or progress. Listen to more music from Zen Mafia and make sure you follow them on SoundCloud for more EDM jams like this. Stream “By The Sea” by Zen Mafia now on Juss Russ Radio.