Zmad - Deadly Doses

Take a listen to “Deadly Roses” by Zmad on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you that aren’t hip to the name Zmad, I encourage you to take some time today to do so. The 19-year old flow-master has been doing his thing for the last year or so, releasing singles on platforms such as SoundCloud that consistently translating his truth and experiences to the masses. His newest single “Deadly Roses” is a bass-heavy and musical Hip-Hop production that utilizes a nice piano sample to help set the laid-back, introspective vibe Yung Tago (producer) was going for. In terms of the subject matter, Zmad delivers a transparent performance as he admits to experimenting with narcotics at one point in his life in order to deal with the pressures and struggles of life. Zmad also poses a question within the hook of this track, that question being “if i died today would you bring me roses?”. This lyric really pierced through as the focal point of the record because the entire record displays Zmad in question of who’s loyal to him? who believes in his vision? who’s willing to follow him to the end-game? We all have times in life where we have to sit back and analyze who’s really down for us , and who’s just here for the fun and games. I really enjoy the vibe of this record and the sentiment that it pushes considering we live in a society today that is so immune to “fake love”, so knowing there’s an artist out here like Zmad ready to address it let’s me and other listeners know they’re not alone. I’m excited to see the growth and evolution of Zmad as time goes on. With his pen game and already wise perspective, I expect some powerful music coming from this guy in due time. Follow Zmad on SoundCloud to stay in his loop and make sure y’all check out his new single “Deadly Roses” on Juss Russ Radio.