Zo Dinero - Boolin Not Coolin

Take a listen to a new song by Zo Dinero titled ‘Boolin Not Coolin’ on Juss Russ Radio. Zo Dinero makes his first appearance on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy and modern Hip Hop single worth that second listen. Coming out of nowhere, Zo Dinero has the potential to really make an impact in the Underground Hip Hop community. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio this artist is going to be special to watch. His music is fresh, original and has an appeal to it that will keep you listening. Since the release of ‘Boolin not Coolin’, Zo Dinero has been raking up the streams and has already surpassed over 100,000 streams. This record is a stand out record and if you go to his SoundCloud page you will see it’s actually one of his most popular records. He has a little something for every type of listener so stop what your doing and go stream something new from Zo Dinero right now on SoundCloud.

Artist Sounds

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