ZojakWorldwide - Bamboo Kallum


Take a listen to a new song from ZojakWorldwide titled 'Bamboo Kallum', on Juss Russ Radio. Kallum's latest release 'Clean Heart' is a call out to the leaders of the world and speaks of the ongoing oppression from world leaders and big businesses internationally, world poverty, and oppression. In spite of these troubles, Kallum inspires the people of the world to 'make sure your heart clean and you mind pure' in the face of injustice. Clean Heart was produced by Hype Dreams Records (Australia) recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at RMR Studios, and mixed and mastered in Australia by producer Monkey Marc in his solar powered studio. 'Clean Heart' is distributed by Zojak Worldwide and is available at all major online stores including iTunes. You can stream this song & more by connecting with Kallum on Soundcloud.

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